Planning a lesbian wedding? Looking for lesbian wedding ideas? We have teamed up with Rachel an amazing make up artist and owner of to ensure your bridal makeup is top notch :)

Rachel O’Riordan is an internationally qualified professional make-up artist and beauty guru. Here are some of Rachel’s top tips to look beautiful on your big day <3.

Research your makeup artist!

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Not every artist is the same, we each have our own unique style which may or may not fit with every client’s personal taste. Take a look at your make up artist’s portfolio before booking with them – pay particular attention to their bridal makeup shots. It is also essential that you book a bridal trial with your makeup artist – waiting until the morning of the wedding to find out you have different tastes could lead to disaster.

Changing your normal makeup look!

Your wedding day is not the time to try out new makeup looks and change how you look completely.  bridal makeup

Brides  and grooms should look like themselves with all features enhanced to create an even more beautiful version of yourself.  Ladies if you do not wear dark eye shadow and heavy eye liner your big day is not the time to start! Bridal makeup should be natural not heavy!

If you want to turn your day look into a sexier night-time look ask your makeup artist to show you how to do this. Adding a simple red lip or darker eye makeup for the evening reception is very easy to achieve and can turn your look from day tonight.

False Eyelashes

bridal makeup Eyelashes are BIG these days and in my opinion they can transform your entire look!  I adore them but if you are not used to wearing a full set of strip eyelashes, it is probably best not to try on your wedding day. Trying lashes out the day of your trial is a great way to see if you are comfortable and happy with how they make you look and feel.

Lot of brides opt for individual lashes, these create a flirty natural pretty look and do not cause any discomfort.

Applying too much highlighter!

Highlighter and ‘strobing’ is very fashionable right now, I am not a fan of over doing this for your wedding day as it  can be very deceiving, you may not notice how much you have applied until you see a photograph of yourself.  Highlighter reflects light and can look very shiny in natural sunlight and in photographs.

Every bride wants that beautiful glow, my tip would be to only apply highlighter to cheekbones and or bridge of your noise and inner corner of your eyes. Mixing a small bit of liquid highlighter with your foundation can create a nice natural ‘inner’ glow too.

You should stay away from applying highlighter to your forehead and upper lip or you will look oily and sweaty! Not the look you want to go for!

Too much blusher!

bridal makeup

This is not the day to look like aunt Sally! Bridal blush should be natural and healthy looking.

Natural pinks and corals are lovely, make sure to shake the excess product off your brush before applying and blend well.

A trial is great for going over your expected look with you artist and hairdresser.  I would also advise you start a skincare regime 6 months before the big day, again this is important for brides and grooms to be!

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