Are you planning a winter wedding? You might think winter is a particularly difficult time of year to source wedding flowers but that’s not really the case at all.

It’s true that many popular spring/summer flower varieties are out of season but, if its mid-winter here then its mid-summer somewhere else.

Wedding FlowersA good florist has access to flowers grown in all sorts of exotic places – Australia, South Africa, South America and Southern Asia. If your heart is set on Peonies in December you can get them but we think it’s a bit like strawberries at Christmas – doable but maybe not be your best option.

Southern hemisphere flowers mean a lot of air miles. That’s not good for the planet and it’s not great for the flowers either. Like people, flowers are not quite at their very best after a long haul flight. They don’t like to be cooped up in air conditioned, re-cycled air for long periods of time. An experienced florist knows this and will therefore need to order more than necessary as insurance against any spoilage that might occur. All this means waste, added environmental cost and extra expense.

When it comes to winter wedding flowers take inspiration from what you see outside. In early Wedding Flowerswinter many late autumn colours are still in season like reds, yellows, browns, oranges and russets. In deep winter we think that two colour palates prevail – sparkling, frosted white with touches of green or Christmas toned, strong reds and greens. Some of the many varieties we suggest at this time of year include Amaryllis, Calla Lilies, Roses & Spray Roses, Hellebores, Gerbera, Orchid, Snowberry, Hyacinth, Gloriosa, Tulip, Viburnum Snowball and Hypericum

Wedding FlowersA single bloom with twig and berry detail makes for a great buttonhole, a bride’s wedding flowers can be given an extra dimension with the correct choice of winter foliage. Don’t just concentrate on the focal flower variety – emphasise texture with foliages, lichen, twig, moss or cones. Add vivid colour splashes with berries, rose hips or ilex. Use light on tall and larger flower arrangements. Candles in lanterns, candelabra or tea lights add warmth, movement and dramatic effect.
So if you are tying the knot in winter you do have an abundance of choice. Take expert advice from somebody who understands seasonality and who can source the very best this season has to offer.

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