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Wedding Makeup

Question :
Hey Rachel!!
We need your help :). We are saving hard for our wedding and have very little cash for beautifying ourselves before the big day. Are there any beauty brands you would recommend for us to use at home? Our budget is fairly limited – are there any amazing high street products in the market at present? Fiona & Sarah xXx

 Answer :
Dear Fiona & Sarah,
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Check out some of HagParty.ie’s blog posts on wedding checklists and wedding budgets – it may help with the finances :).

Anyway, back to beauty you have an array of amazing products to choose from and you really do not have to spend a fortune.

Skincare :
I really recommend a fabulous Irish company: http://www.biofreshskincare.ie – All 100% natural with no parabens and very affordable! You need to start looking after your skin about 3/6 months before the big day.  Makeup will look its best when your skin has been looked after. I suggest cleansing, toning and moisturising morning and night. Using a day moisturiser in your morning routine with SPF to protect the skin from elements and ageing.  Using a moisturiser and an eye cream before bed will also work wonders. Also drink lots and lots of water! Ideally if you can exfoliate your face and neck twice weekly and use a face mask one a week. I would go with Tuesday – Exfoliate, Wednesday – Mask, Thursday – Exfoliate.  The Boots Botanical range is perfect and not expensive. Exfoliate your entire body at least once a week, I love No7 Beautiful Skin Gorgeous Glow Body Scrub, available from Boots. http://www.boots.com/en/No7-Beautiful-Skin-Gorgeous-Glow-Body-Scrub_1571828/,  Moisturise after every bath or shower.  I love coconut oil, any organic tub will do the trick and its cheap as chips! Lather it on!

Tip:  leave products in the shower so you never forget!

I hope this helps and if you would like more information let us know!
Rachel – www.foreverfabulous.ie


Wedding MakeupQuestion :
I would love to learn how to make natural face products at home. Are there any recipes you use yourself or any products you would recommend for me to purchase?


Hi Michael,
Lovely to hear from you. Your cupboards are full of products that are perfect for you to make your own home beauty products!

Banana Face Mask:
Bananas are great for moisturising and softening the skin!
Mash up a medium sized banana into a paste and apply to your face and neck, leave for 10/20 minutes and wash off.  You can add a couple of spoons of natural yogurts and 2 spoons of honey for extra luxury!

Oatmeal Facemask
A great quick pick-me-up that will leave you feeling and looking great!
Combine 1/2 cup hot—not boiling—water and 1/3 cup oatmeal. After the water and oatmeal have settled for two or three minutes, mix in 2 tablespoons plain yogurt, 2 tablespoons honey, and 1 small egg white. Apply a thin layer of the mask to your face, and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Mayo Mask!
This is simple, cheap and effective!
Use full fat mayo and spread an even layer onto your face and neck, leave for 20 mins before washing off, leaving your skin clean and smooth!

Lemon Juice Exfoliator 
Mix some lemon juice with olive oil and some sugar to make a lovely natural exfoliator!
Use once or twice a week to renew and get rid of dead flaky skin.
I hope this helps, if you need anymore information just let us know!

Rachel – www.foreverfabulous.ie


Question :Wedding Makeup
I really really need some wedding makeup advice. My bride to be has quite a distinctive look (think Imelda May) she wants to vamp this look up even more for our wedding day. My makeup look is more natural and understated, I generally only wear a bit of powder (if I even remember to do that :))! I feel I’ll look dowdy beside my glamour queen bride. Is there anything you would recommend for me to try?

Answer :
Hi Suzie,
Great to hear from you and how lovely that you want to look amazing for your bride!  I would suggest that you stay true to yourself and not change anything too drastically for your wedding day, you should look like an even more beautiful version of yourself!  After all your bride loves you the way you are!  However you will need a certain amount of makeup on your big day especially for you both to look fantastic in your photographs together.  I suggest a very natural bridal look for you.

  • Apply a moisturiser to clean skin, stay away from anything with SPF in it as this creates ‘Flash Back’ in photos leaving you looking washed out
  • Use a little concealer on the eyes and underneath to help even out the skin tone and hide any dark circles from lack of sleep! I suggest MAC Studio Fix Concealer.
  • You want a flawless dewy complexion and not a heavy feeling on the face. I adore using ‘Liquid Lift Foundation’ from Makeup Forever on my brides to create this look https://www.makeupforever.ie/products/foundation/liquid-lift-foundation
  • Grab that concealer again and dab a few dots under your eye in an upside down triangle and blend in with your fingers, this creates an airbrushed look and makes everyone look fresh and younger! Make sure this one is two shades lighter than the foundation you are using.
  • Set your face now with a translucent powder to keep that makeup on all day and night and to stop shine. I suggest MAC Mineralize Translucent Powder or literally any chemist brand like NYX carries powders like this.
  • Grab a matt bronzer a couple of shades darker then the foundation (not to dark or orange!!)
  • You want to sculpt your cheekbones, so suck in your cheeks and work from your temples down under your cheek bone, stop just before the smile line, work in a half moon action with a bullet shaped brush, blend blend blend! I love the Makeup Forever Sculpting Kit https://www.makeupforever.ie/products/powder/sculpting-kit Or you can grab a matt bronzer from any chemist again NYX is a great brand!
  • Add a little bit of your favourite blusher to your cheeks, so do a cheesy smile and work on the fattest part of the cheeks! Blend this again!
  • You can add some eye shadow if you feel comfortable, a nice warm brown shade worked into your eye sockets will lift your eyes and add two coats of your favourite mascara! You can then add some soft brown eyeliner into your waterline, use a waterproof one, it will stay all day
  • A slick of lip gloss then to finish off, a nice clear pink if you do not want much colour!

If you would like me help or information please let us know!
Rachel, www.foreverfabulous.ie


Wedding MakeupQuestion:
I want to wear makeup on my wedding day. Nothing too flashy I just want to enhance my features a little – my fiancé is against this idea as he thinks it will look obvious I’m wearing makeup. What products / looks would you recommend?
Thanks, Ciaran

Hi Ciaran,

Lovely to hear from you.

The best foundation I use for men, is MAC Face and Body, it is light and natural. This is used for male models, TV work, photo-shoots and day to day for men. Set with MAC Mineralise Translucent powder to stop shine. If you want to enhance cheekbones and sculpt the face a little more use a sculpting powder or cream. This is a very detailed video that will help with contour, you do not have to follow the whole thing, its quite intense, skip the eye shadow and lippy for sure!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHn3iKgB4Qo

Blend this to an inch of its life!!! Use a Vaseline or coconut oil to keep your lips looking great and maybe use a disposable mascara wand to brush and tame brows into shape, you can use brow gel to set.  This is a natural look and should not look like you have makeup on, you will just look fabulous!!! Any more help I can give just ask!

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