Our wedding expert is on hand to discuss some of the most important wedding ideas that tend to be overlooked by brides and grooms – don’t get caught out on your big day.

Feed your guests!

This is one of the simplest wedding ideas but it is guaranteed to be well received.

Chances are your guests haven’t eaten since breakfast so they will arrive hungry at your wedding reception – hungry, tired people = unhappy wedding guests. Greeting guests with some hot canapes and drinks is just the cure and although expensive we think it’s worth it to keep the show on the road :).

Same goes for evening food, chances are at this stage your guests will be filled to the brim with alcohol so something simple like sandwiches will be a welcome addition to the night. I have never been to a wedding where either reception food or after dinner food isn’t devoured by the wedding guests – clearly it is something that works!

On average, you will receive a gift of €150 from a couple and €100 from a single wedding guest. The LAST thing you want is for them to walk away from your wedding feeling hungry – there is nothing worse than a wedding where it is clear costs are cut. It is a wedding not a business venture feed and water your guests! This is a once in a lifetime occasion you do not want your guests to look back and think your wedding day was low cost affair!

Get your wedding party to ‘work the room’

Check out our piece on how to pick your wedding party here.

It will be impossible for you and your partner to give each guest the attention they deserve – that’s where your wedding party comes in.

These are the people who will deliver messages to your guests, be the first on the dance floor and most importantly act as a gatekeeper on your big day! As gatekeepers, they will be there to prevent any issues reaching you and your partner ensuring a stress free celebration!

Enlist your party to keep an eye out for drunken guests, to keep your feuding friends away from each other and to work closely with the wedding venue staff to ensure all things run smoothly for you and your partner.

Balloons for the kids…

Little kids holding and picking up heart balloons. Valentine's DAny wedding I have gone to there is always kids running around followed by frantic parents trying to keep an eye on them. We have a great piece on how to entertain younger guests at your wedding – check it out here!! A simple way to help your guests keep an eye on their kids is to provide helium balloons on a long string. Tie the string to each child’s hand and let them loose! Parents may not be able to see their kids in the room but they will clearly be able to see each child’s balloon and find them with little or no stress!!

Complimentary Baskets for both the girls and the boys!

I have seen these baskets in about 50% of the weddings I have gone to and I am yet to hear of any complimentary baskets for the boys – a wedding idea that seems to be forgotten about in the majority of weddings!!

I think they are essential as there is bound to be a guest whose shoes are hurting them (flipflops / plasters fix this!) or a guest who may have forgotten their belt (We all know how uncomfortable this is!!) providing these little essentials will help ease any ailments your guests may have ensuring they have the best time possible!

These baskets definitely shouldn’t break the bank – Pick up items such as flip flops / belts in Pennys and keep an eye out for a special offers for toiletries. The max each basket should cost is €50 but it may be the difference between your guests having a good time and a great time!!

Girls baskets :
– Flip flops, tights (vary sizes), Plasters / Blister patches, Hairspray, Sally Hansen, Nail varnish, Painkillers, Couple of packs of lipbalm, Chewing gum / Mints, Body Spray

Boys baskets :
– Belts of different sizes (there is bound to be people who forgot their belt!!), Plasters / Blister patches, Hair gel, Painkillers, Chewing gum / Mints, Body Spray

Do not number your tables!

There are many reasons why I believe numbering your tables are a big no no! The first of which if you have say twenty tables at your wedding people seated at the last few tables (say 17,18 or 20!) may feel like they are an after thought or last on the guest list – believe me I have heard people say this to complete strangers at the same wedding table! Check out our wedding checklist here

Here are some ideas :

  • Name each table after a colour and decorate each table accordingly. Have a uniform colour on all tables say cream or white and match this to the colour table – sounds like hard work but the result will definitely be worth it!
  • Name your table after the people who will be sitting at it e.g. if you have a table specifically for your college friends why not name this table “D.C.U” or name it after the bar you guys always went to!
  • Name each table after key dates in your relationship – first date, first kiss etc!

Put a time limit on wedding speeches!

Illustration Featuring Groomsmen Raising a ToastThere is no greater buzz kill at any wedding then when the wedding speeches go on FOREVER. I have sat through speeches that have gone on for over an hour and a half!!! Although it is lovely for you and your bride / groom to hear stories of how fantastic you guys are as a couple or funny anecdotes of your dating years you do need to think of your guests who will not be able to relate to the stories and may eventually switch off.


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Speaking of Wedding Speeches…

Out of all of the weddings I have attended wedding speech betting falls into two categories. Either you will predict the time off the speeches or do “thank you’s” where the money is passed from person to person each time someone is thanked!

This is a very important process especially if there are people at the table who may not know each other. Encourage people to take part by including card and pen for speech times to be recorded. You want your guests to mingle so make sure you provide a little encouragement :).

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