Maybe you’re already the dapper type, able to execute impeccable haircut, trim nails and do your daily pre and aftershave grooming routine. In that case, you don’t have to worry about your wedding preparation, but for the rest of us…we suggest you to read our guide to being well-groomed, but the most important – look great and feel confident on your wedding day:

One week before the wedding….

Wedding grooming tips

FACE : Start washing your face properly! Not just soap and water, invest in a good moisturiser and a weekly exfoliator to get rid of any ingrown hairs (based on our experience it’s the most common problem we are coming across!)

BEARD :  Trim your beard weekly in the lead up to your wedding to get it into great shape.

STUBBLE LOOK : Try shaving a few times to take note of how long, on average, it takes for you to get to optimum wedding day stubble. Experienced barber will be able to tidy it up and create contour on the day of haircut.

1-2 Days before the wedding….

Wedding grooming tips

GET A HAIRCUT : 1-2 days before the big day. This will give you time to let the style settle, but still have neat and sharp look.

TRIM THOSE EYEBROWS AND NOSE HAIR : Invest in a trimmer for pain-free tidying and trim any hair sticking out. We won’t recommend wax them as nose hair serves a purpose.

CONSIDER A MANICURE : Seriously. Well-tended nails will make you feel more sophisticated – a simple cut, file and buff help them to look clean and natural.If you’re nervous about venturing into a regular salon, you’ll find a gentlemen’s groomers in town.

On the day of the wedding…

Wedding grooming tips

HAVE A GOOD SHAVE : Day before or day of your wedding (depending on your growth, and proneness to irritation). A straight razor + shaving brush give the cleanest shave, so if you’re after a sharp, clean look for your wedding day, book in for a professional lather with your barber. BUT please do some research beforehand as not many barbers know how to make proper hot towel shave.

FRAGRANCE : The scent of a man is so important, so whether you stick to your signature cologne, or choose something special for the occasion.


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