Your big day is coming and you have no plan in place! Don’t panic, has some top tips to keep you organised and Wedding Checklistabove all stay within budget :).

There is no greater temptation then to overspend for your big day. “It’s only going to happen the once” you will tell yourself as you rack up your credit card bills at the local wedding fair – trust us it is far too easy to get carried away.

Planning is key – fair enough you will deviate slightly but if you have a plan agreed and written down it is harder to break the rules. Grab your fiancé, it’s time to get organised!

Wedding finances

Wedding checklistLook at your own finances – your plans may scream Prosecco but if you don’t have the budget to match expectations you may need to look elsewhere! Explore the possibility of getting a loan or perhaps ask your parents to help. Be smart with your finances, no brides or grooms want to start married life together facing a mountain of debt.

Is there anything that you and your bride/groom MUST have at your wedding? The deal breakers that you insist on! Perhaps you both attended a friend’s wedding recently and they had a cool wedding car or a great caterer – get all of this down on paper as soon as possible! The quicker you both know what you want the easier it is to plan!

Wedding ChecklistAre there any features of a ‘traditional’ wedding you rather leave out? Perhaps you prefer more natural candid photos of your big day as opposed to polished professional ones? Or to wear a wedding outfit that you could reuse for another occasion as opposed to a one off wedding dress / wedding suit?

Think about goods/services you are paying for that you could potentially do yourself? We regularly do DIY Wedding posts like our cake pops post or our wedding orbs decorations tutorial :).

Realistically, you will have circa 12 months between your engagement and your wedding so you have plenty of time to get some practice in. Wedding ChecklistYou could make a mountain of beautifully made cake pops in lieu of a expensive wedding cake (check out Decobake!!), Our very own Blooming Amazing do DIY wedding classes for florist rookies or look online for DIY wedding favour inspiration (there are plenty of ideas on YouTube). The world is your oyster!

Finally, work with what you have. Do you have a friend that does makeup on the side, or a keen photographer in the family? These little things can help you keep within budget or indeed give you the leeway to splurge on the big ticket items you may want :).

Wedding practicalities

Wedding ChecklistThe price of your wedding venue largely depends on the time of year you are getting married. For high demand dates over the summer or for key dates such as Valentine’s Day / New Year’s Eve expect to pay a far higher rate than you would for a winter wedding. Weekday weddings make things cheaper even having your wedding on a Friday will produce significant savings.

Wedding flowers are an expensive but stunning addition to any wedding day. Check out our piece on winter wedding flowers. If you can afford them – fantastic! If not there are alternatives such as purchasing flowers and making simple bouquets with just some ribbon or using candles as table centrepieces. I have noticed an increasing trend of using faux flowers for the wedding ceremonies. You can pick up gorgeous flower displays in the likes of Dunnes Stores relatively cheaply – get creative!

Wedding checklistNo one says that you need to have a big lavish dinner for your wedding guests. Limit menu options or even think about having a buffet meal for a more laid back feel. Ask your caterer or wedding venue what dishes are most popular and go with that (bear in mind you may need to have a backup plan for a few people who may not like your choice or who suffer from food intolerance or allergies!!)

Wedding invitations are a gorgeous way of inviting your guests to celebrate with you. If you have the funds available to spend on them – go wild! (we recommend Rosy Days). Unfortunately, they are also one of those things that can make you lose the run of yourself (and your budget!). The co-ordinating envelopes, the additional extras not to mention the postage costs – it all adds up! Wedding checklistWe live in an age where everything we do online…why not send your ‘save the dates’ via mail or even as a Facebook event? A growing trend for 2016 is to film your wedding invitation for your friends and family and send them a link – a unique memento for all involved.

Even though you want to look a million dollars on your wedding day it doesn’t always mean you need to spend it!! Do your research on the type of wedding looks you want to achieve and keep an eye on the sales – last minute shopping leads to stress and overspending!! Plan ahead! Ladies, second hand shops have a fantastic range of wedding outfits – if you want to go down the traditional wedding dress route check out our piece on wedding dress styles! Grooms, look at the possibility of renting your wedding suit on your big day – here is some wedding suit inspiration!

We all dream of an idyllic honeymoon and why wouldn’t we? Its part and parcel of the entire wedding experience. If money is tight, why not have your friends and family contribute to your honeymoon as a wedding gift? There are numerous websites out there that cater for this – get googling!!

Wedding ChecklistFrom my experience wedding planners are the most cost effective tool in your arsenal! Fair enough they will charge you a fee for their services but in return you are getting a seasoned wedding professional who will work to get the best deals for you not to mention knowing all the tricks of the trade!! If you aren’t a DIY kind of person and the thoughts of trawling through sale aisles makes you shudder a wedding planner may just be your best friend :).

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