So the time has come to get down on one knee to pop the question and start your life together <3. A daunting idea even for the most loved up and committed individual but did you think about the dreaded “How did you propose?” question once you tell your family and friends? If the answer is no, keep reading for some unique proposal ideas!

Propose Al Fresco…

Unique Proposal Ideas | Gay MarriageIf you are planning an intimate proposal why not take a day trip to an idyllic location? If cash is tight, pack a picnic filled with yummy treats and whisk your partner away on an adventure. Relaxed beautiful surroundings whilst sipping on champagne will provide the perfect backdrop for you to get down on one knee.


Write Your Proposal…

There are heaps of ways you can pop the question :
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Take Them Down Memory Lane…

These ideas are for the more sentimental types <3

Get Scrapbooking!
One of the biggest trends of late is scrapbooking your memories and photos with the big question being asked on the very last page!
Share your memories
Other people have gone for a “memory box” which includes little mementos like cinema stubs from your first date, keys to your first place together etc.
Unlock the puzzle
You can customize jigsaw puzzles with your picture and the words “Marry me?” On a cold rainy day suggest this activity and once complete get ready to propose :)
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Make It A Public Affair…

I would advise to be 100% certain that your bride / groom to be are comfortable with a public engagement!! Dropping to one knee in the middle of Stephen’s Green may seem like a great anecdote to tell at your wedding but if your other half is mortified and goes bright red it may not bring the romantic sentiments that you had hoped for!!

Alternatively, you could take a full page ad out in a newspaper and pick a lazy day to relax and catch up on the newspapers with your partner in tow. Brunch works best for this, sip cocktails and eat great food…let’s just hope they notice the advert!

Include Your Pets In The Proposal…

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If you are both mad about pets and ideally have one of your own why not include them as part of the proposal? Dress your dog up in a tux and attach the ring to their collar! Super cute if you can pull it off…kind of hard to predict how the dog may act mind! I would recommend using a promise ring if you are planning on including animals in your proposal! You don’t want the official engagement ring buried somewhere in the back garden!

Get Engaged While On Holidays… 

You are both chilled, happy out and in holiday mode. Propose whilst on a romantic walk on the beach, after dinner under a perfect moonlit sky or on top of that famous monument you both always wanted to see – perfect settings for any marriage proposal.

Capture The Moment – Do It On Camera…

Unique Proposal Ideas | Gay MarriageSet up a camera or enlist the help of a photographer / videographer to hide somewhere discreetly so you both will have a keepsake to remember the moment forever – get it framed for extra brownie points! Alternatively, ask a passer-by to take a photo of you both but instead of posing pop the question instead :).

Create A Treasure Hunt…

Unique-Wedding-Proposal-IdeasThis can be quite a cost effective proposal especially if you have spent your life savings on the engagement ring :D. Send your fiancé to be on a treasure hunt that will ultimately end in your proposal. It really can be as big or as small as you like but be sure that it is truly unique to your relationship.

An easy way to implement this idea to your proposal is to leave three cards hidden not so subtlety around the house amongst your other treasure hunt clues. Each with the word “Will”, “You”, “Marry” and then leave your partner to search the house for card number 4! It will keep them busy for days just be ready to propose properly when they find it.

Do It Like A Penguin…

Unique Proposal Ideas | Gay Marriage“Did you know that when a male penguin falls in love with a female he presents her with a pebble, if she accepts his pebble they use it to start building a nest together.”
In fairness, if you present your partner with a pebble they may look at you like you have ten heads but make sure the setting is right :). Perhaps at the zoo when you are at the penguin enclosure hand them a pebble and tell them the meaning. It is a gorgeous way to propose and I assure you will both be telling the story for years to come.

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