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This month’s article is about wedding suit styles and choosing the right accessories based on the type of lapel that your suit has. Suits come in all shapes and sizes but I find that certain accessories look better with different suits.

Wedding suits

When I think of lapels on suits, three types immediately come to mind. These types of lapels are peak, notch and shawl. Each one has their own characteristics and should be chosen carefully as each one is best suited to a certain occasion. If you plan on hiring your suit, choosing your lapel should be based on what suits you and what you like as your suit supplier should provide the right type of accessory for that particular suit.

wedding suit styles

Most lapels nowadays are much slimmer but so are most ties so that should not affect your decision. Your choice of accessory should depend on the balance of the width of the lapel and the width of your shoulders.

Notch Lapel

wedding suitsThis is the most common of all the lapels found on modern suits. It is often found on single breasted suits, blazers and sports coats. It is extremely popular as it suits most body types and it will flatter a slimmer frame even more so. Its versatility also leads to it being suitable for most accessories so both a tie and bow tie would suit this type of lapel. A skinny/slim tie would be the best option due to the modern notch lapel being quite slim.

This would be an ideal type of wedding suit to buy for groomsmen, as it is the one type of suit every man should own. This is because it is suitable for all occasions.

Peak Lapel

wedding suitsThis type of lapel is seen as the more traditional lapel, as it is often found in formal wear such as a tailcoat or a morning coat. It is an ideal wedding suit due to this reason. This should be worn by someone who is looking to create an illusion for added height and width due to the broad nature of the lapel. This draws people’s attention up towards your shoulders, therefore creating added height and the impression that you are taller. This is most commonly found on a double breasted jacket. This type of lapel can also be seen on a single breasted jacket, most likely in check and pinstripe jackets. I would recommend a wide tie for this type of jacket due to the width of the lapel and the aesthetics would be pleasing to the eye.

Shawl Lapel

wedding suitsThis to me is the most formal of all the lapel’s mentioned. When I think of the shawl lapel, I automatically think of dinner jackets and tuxedos. The shawl lapel is characterised by the rounded edge with no break in the lapel unlike the notch and peak jackets. This is most likely to be seen at a black tie wedding, because you are more likely to see this type of lapel on the red carpet of an awards ceremony than at a wedding. This type of lapel suits most body types with the exception of those with a more rounded face. This is because the lapel will mimic the individuals features rather than flatter them. The common type of accessory seen with a shawl lapel jacket is a bow tie.

I hope this was of help to any of you who are still in search for that perfect suit. It doesn’t matter whether you are the groom, buying or hiring for the groomsmen or maybe you just want to make an impression as a guest. Choosing the right lapel can make a huge difference to how your suit looks on you. I know this is a dilemma that still faces me, as I am still searching for my perfect suit.

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