Planning a Spring wedding? Ever wondered what wedding flowers are in season at this time of year?


Wedding FlowersNothing screams romance like a bouquet of beautiful roses. They come in a rainbow of colours to suit any wedding theme and can be used as part of your table decoration also – sprinkling rose petals on each table brings the floral theme from your wedding flowers right through to your wedding day decor.
Wedding FlowersIn this piece, we have chosen to match roses with candy colour wedding
decor. The colour palette is open to interpretation – as long as the tone is soft and gentle you can choose any colour scheme you wish. Think soft pinks and baby blues matched with white and pale yellows for a bright and fresh wedding display – use candles, sea shells, photo frames the world is your oyster!! It’s time to get creative!!



Wedding FlowersA simple bouquet of tulips tied together with a piece of silk ribbon makes for beautiful wedding flowers whilst also being a good choice for brides and grooms on a tight budget. Tulips come in a variety of colours and will suit almost all wedding themes. Decorate your table with little vases of tulips and match the rest of your decor accordingly.

Wedding FlowersHere we thought the classic white tulip against a strong coloured bridesmaid dress / groomsmen suit would be quite striking. We tied the wedding decor in with the colour of the tulips – simple green and white decor may not be the first colour scheme you would think of when planning your big day but when it is done right it looks fantastic!



Wedding FlowersNothing screams a rustic style wedding than a bouquet of fresh purple lavender flowers tied with twine. This may not be your conventional wedding bouquet but it certainly has a wow factor. The lilac colour is striking and the fresh scent of lilac will fill the room – divine!

Wedding Flowers

Put the flowers at the forefront of the wedding decor whilst carrying the rustic theme throughout your wedding ceremony – think jam jars, blackboards, bird cages. (Flower crowns are a must for the ladies in this one).


Wedding FlowersThere is something quite elegant and dreamy about magnolia making it an ideal choice for your wedding bouquet and decor! The neutral white colour provides a great base which can be easily matched to whatever colour you fancy :)


Wedding FlowersWe have chosen to match magnolia flowers with gold – it is a well known fact that gold and white are a match made in heaven. Decorate your table with pearls, white candles, gold photo frames and ribbon – think luxury and you are half way there! It may be hard to find nice decorations in the colour or shade you want – that’s where gold glitter spray comes into play. It is easy to use and will have all of your decorations matching beautifully :).


Wedding FlowersRanunculus are one of the most popular wedding flowers and often sneak into wedding bouquets and displays because of its simple beauty, wide array of colours and it’s slightly frilly (but study) texture.  We love this flower for its versatility with different themes and styles, as well as for how well it can fill an arrangement with a great backdrop. As mentioned, Ranunculus are often used as part of a bouquet however they can hold their own as a bouquet featured flower also :).

Wedding FlowersWe love the idea of decorating your top table completely with flowers. Tall white candles provide a classic backdrop to this gorgeous flower display. Bring the theme throughout your wedding decor with similar bouquets adorning each wedding table – bouquets can be as big or a little as your wish depending on your wedding budget or you could use faux wedding bouquets or wedding balloons to bring the wedding palette throughout the occasion :).


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