White Smilic Clinic, Teeth WhiteningLet’s face it, who doesn’t want a whiter brighter smile, especially on their wedding day?

I commit all of the sins when it comes to keeping my teeth clean – I drink up to eight cups of tea/coffee a day and my choice of wine is always of the red variety :).

Up until recently, I have always whitened my teeth at home – Crest whitening strips, oil pulling and teeth whitening toothpastes have been my weapons of choice against the dreaded ‘yellowy grey’ teeth look. I was looking for something that would give me a longer lasting result as opposed to a quick fix for the weekend when I stumbled upon laser teeth whitening.

Some people don’t mind going to the dentist, for me I despise it! I have had one too many bad experiences & like many people, I go kicking and screaming once a year and have a real sense of relief once my treatment plan is complete!!

Teeth Whitening, White Smile clinicLaser teeth whitening appealed to me for two main reasons – it promised to make my teeth up to ten shades brighter and treatment time is only one hour! Amazing! It is a long lasting beauty treatment that can be done a few weeks before your big day whilst still maintaining the same results – that’s one less thing to worry about :). The only problem is I would need to set foot inside a dreaded dental clinic – HIT THE BRAKES!!! Here is a review of my experience at The White Smile Clinic based in Dublin, Cork and Limerick.

I attended the White Smile Clinic in Mount Merrion, located about 20 minutes away from Dublin City Centre. Upon entering the clinic, I immediately felt at ease, the décor was plush and inviting – it felt like I walked into the living room of a show house as opposed to a dentist. I was greeted by Olwen, the clinic manager – bright bubbly and a clear professional. White Smile Clinic was definitely not like any other dental clinic I had ever attended.

I had never met someone with so much passion for their job as my dentist. She was happy to answer any questions and provided great advice on the various treatments available – there’s no greater feeling then when you are in the hands of an expert. Relaxed and ready to start the treatment, I was given protective glasses to wear as the dentist started the teeth whitening process. All I needed to do was lie back and relax while the laser went to work for three 20 minute intervals whilst relaxing music is played in the background.

teeth whitening, white smile clinicOnce the treatment was completed I could see a noticeable change in the colour of my teeth – The dentist said I achieved around six shades brighter – result!!

PRO’s – multiple locations, great staff, relaxing treatment and a Hollywood White Smile!!

CON’s – If you are the restless type, lying there for an hour may not be your cup of tea :). Thankfully my dentist came in to check on me every 20 minutes so I could move my position etc.

Would I recommend it? Definitely, the treatment has made a real difference to my teeth and the staff at White Smile Clinic have managed to achieve the impossible by making me feel at ease in a dentist surgery :)! I would recommend also getting your teeth cleaned prior to getting a teeth whitening treatment done also.

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