Wedding dresses seem to be a trend that will never grow old, even if jumpsuits & two pieces are getting more popular. Here, we will pay particular attention to the different wedding dresses available and most importantly picking a wedding dress that suits your body shape.

The Fairy-tale Bride – Make an Entrance with a Ball Gown Dress!!

This style screams bride and chances are you will not have the opportunity to wear a dress like this again – so if this dress appeals to you go for it :)!! The ball gown dress is pure fantasy and if you want to be a classic fairy-tale bride highly recommends this wedding dress style.

Wedding Dresses

Distinguishing traits: A ball gown consists of a fitted bodice clinched at the waist with a very full voluptuous skirt.

Best for: Brides with boyish figures, the dress will make you look curvier!! This dress type also works well if you have a pear or hourglass body shape.

Avoid if: You are petite. This type of dress tends to overwhelm small frames.

Lingerie: A corset is a must! It will give you support and will ensure your bust looks its best (providing control or enhancement – whichever you may need!). Your choice of underwear shouldn’t be an issue as there is so much fabric there is no way it will show – perhaps wear blue underwear and tick that “something blue” requirement :).

The Subtle Bride – Keep it Simple with a Sheath Dress

The subtle bride does not want her wedding style to scream bride – just whisper it :)! The sheath style dress could well be the one for you! This formfitting style is ideal for any pre wedding gym bunnies who want to show off their fit and toned body or if you are naturally slim. This is the most unforgiving of all wedding dresses – approach with caution!!

Wedding Dresses

Distinguishing traits: The sheath dress clings to the natural shape of your body and doesn’t flare out.

Best for: A petite bride as this dress style has a lengthening effect. This dress works well with slim hourglass or rectangle figures also :).

Avoid if: You are pear shaped – the dress will cling to your body and could potentially make you look unbalanced.

Lingerie: Great shapewear is key with this dress especially if you have any areas you want to hide. Otherwise, simple seam free lingerie will ensure a smooth silhouette.

The Princess Bride – Channel Kate Middleton with an A-line dress

The Princess bride falls somewhere in between the first two categories. She may not want a show stopping ball gown nor a discreet sheath dress but rather something in the middle – the A-line wedding dress is a great option. This dress style is always a hit with brides as it suits nearly every body shape.

Wedding Dresses

Distinguishing traits: The A-line dress has a fitted bodice which flares out loosely on either side.

Best for: nearly everyone! This dress is super flattering on almost every bride particularly petite brides as the long lines of this dress shape give the illusion of height.

Avoid if: You are looking for something a little more glamourous. Bear in mind a simple dress can be dressed up with veils, tiaras and accessories – get creative.

Lingerie: Seam free underwear is your best bet – it is comfortable and easy to wear. 

The Classic Bride – Exude Elegance with an Empire Dress:

An Empire Dress is feminine, pretty and very elegant – the perfect option for a classic bride who wants to feel special on her big day. This wedding dress style is a great choice for most body shapes as it provides both a flattering and feminine shape.

Wedding Dresses

Traits: An empire dress gathers under the bust and falls gently over the hips.

Best for: nearly everyone! Especially, pear shaped ladies who may want to cover up any problem areas whilst emphasising their smaller upper half.

Avoid if: You have a large bust or a larger upper half.

Lingerie: A push up bra or a corset is a must – it will ensure a fabulous smooth shape! Seam free or lace underwear which is comfortable and will be invisible under your dress.

The Confident Bride – Strut your Stuff in a Fishtail Dress!

The Confident Bride wants something a little different and to be the centre of attention (and why not – it is your special day!). recommends the fishtail dress! This dress can be a complete knockout if you have the curves (and confidence!!) to carry it off. If you choose this type of dress make sure it is a great fit as it can be quite unforgiving!!

Wedding Dresses

Traits: The fishtail dress ensures a feminine and sexy shape clinging to your curves and kicking out at the hem.

Perfect for: Curvy brides with defined hourglass or triangle shapes.

Avoid if: You don’t want a tight fitting dress – this style can be quite constricting and uncomfortable.

Lingerie: Fitted, seam free underwear ensuring everything looks smooth whilst keeps your curves in all the right places.

We haven’t forgotten about the grooms – check out our fab piece on wedding suits here :)


I hope this piece has helped all you brides out there on the quest for the perfect dress :). Whether you go for a ball-gown, sheath, a-line or empire style dress remember to choose a shape that suits your frame :). Have you been wedding shopping yet? What are your top tips?

The HagParty team xxx

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