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Gay Stag Inspiration

Hi Material Boy!

What is the best stag you have ever been on? I am best man for my friend’s wedding so I’ve to organise the stag (he is gay!) I need inspiration please!!!!


I’m going to have to say the best stag I’ve been on was of course my own. As we got married abroad my hubby and I were very conscious of our guest’s expense so we decide to have a joint stag and have it in Cork. We both had best men and grooms maids and they treated us to the best night ever. We were picked up by limousine  with our favourite Madonna and Tina Turner tracks blasting as we drank champagne and drove around the city before we were brought to Loafers Bar where all our friends and family awaited our arrival. It was so much fun and we partied the night away both wearing our groom to be sash.

Gay Wedding Abroad 


I love your blog. I saw that you went abroad to get married – pics are fab. We are planning to have our own lesbian wedding abroad next summer. I’m just wondering how difficult is it to do? Did you have to fly over there or did you get a wedding planner? Would you recommend someone to get married abroad?

I have to say getting married aboard was beyond amazing. We did our research and decided on Sitges Barcelona for our big day. We were very lucky to find our amazing wedding planner Valerie (Weddings Via Val). The hubby and I knew exactly what we wanted and Valerie made all our dreams become a reality and stress free. Yes we flew back a few times but this was so much fun especially when we had our food and wine tasting. Also it’s great for the guests as they’re all on holiday mode and in very high spirits and get a chance to top up the tan before the day. It truly was the most magical day ever. Advice do your research, find the best wedding planner and stick to your budget.

Whirlwind Romances


I need some advice. I am with my partner for the last 18 months and the whole thing was a bit of a whirlwind if I’m being honest. We moved in together after six months (I gave into his nagging!) and we got engaged when the gay marriage referendum was passed (he asked! We were both v.drunk from all of the celebrating I thought the next day we would have laughed it off but he is deadly serious!!!) Trouble is, I feel like things are just moving far too fast we aren’t enjoying ‘the stage’ that we are at and are constantly moving to the next level if you get me? We are both in our mid 20s it is all a bit intense for me.


If you truly are in love with him but you feel things are moving way too fast then hit the pause button. Moving in together and getting engaged in such a short space of time can cause a lot of problems if you’re not ready for this. You both are very young and have years ahead of ye to make such a strong commitment to each other. Talk to your partner and tell him that the need to take it a little slower. Relationships are based on honesty and you need to be honest with yourself. I’m sure he will respect you even more for telling him how you feel.

Materialistic Other Halves

Material boy,

I love your blog! I am a lesbian and my girlfriend measures our relationship based on how much I spend on her. She insists on the most expensive gifts and will only go to top restaurants in town. I feel like the only reason she wants this is to brag about it on social media. We haven’t the money to be doing this and it definitely isn’t something that I (or my credit card!!) can maintain. I don’t know what to do.


Love should not be validated by expensive possessions or lavish restaurants or likes on social media. Yes we all love a taste of high life but we all need to be realistic on the cost.   Tell your girlfriend that ye need to agree on going to a pricey restaurant for special occasion and that gifts should be about sentimental value and not the actual value on the price tag. Have romantic home cooked meals together and buy a bunch of flowers every now and then. She will have to come around to the fact that you can’t afford it and love you for who you are and not what you have.

Wedding Rings


My boyfriend doesn’t want to wear a wedding ring. I don’t know why but it is really upsetting me? He said he would prefer to buy something more practical with the money like a nice watch. I have my ring picked out and cannot wait to wear it I don’t understand why he isn’t feeling the same?


This is not the first time I have heard this. Some guys just simply don’t like wearing jewellery. I understand that wearing a wedding ring signifies your commitment to each other and I personally love wearing mine. If this is the case for him then maybe you should suggest that for ceremony he wears the wedding band as it means a lot to you and after ye are married maybe he could wear it close to he’s heart on a chain and have it with him at all times. Try not to take it personally and maybe a compromise will work for you both.

Family Issues


I recently left my marriage of ten years even though I very much love my wife but I know I am gay. We have two children and thankfully I still play a big part in their lives. My ex-wife thinks I should be honest with the children as to why we aren’t together anymore (They are six and eight!). I have no idea what to say to them?! I really think they are too young but she is insisting for them to know the truth!! Help!


I can only imagine that must be a very difficult decision for you to make. Personally I believe being honest and truthful will always work out. Kids have such an open mind and when told things at a younger age they process It much easier than maybe when they reach their teens. If your ex-wife supports you and thinks this may be the best then maybe try and all sit down together and tell them. My best friend’s daughter once asked me when she was five years old why do I have a boyfriend when I’m a boy. My answer to her was that sometimes boys like girls, boys like boys and girls like girls and I’m a boy that likes boys. Her reply to me was that’s good because I like boys too. Just like that she understood with no judgement.

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