gay lesbianMaterial Boy is to the rescue once again!! Today he tells us about his own stag party, the Gay Scene in Ireland, he helps a Lesbian Couple whose families are feuding and much much more.

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Hey Material Boy,

What is the best gay stag you have ever been on? I’m looking for inspiration for my own, myself and my fiancé are in competition :)


Hey Mick,
I totally understand the competition with your fiancé as I myself went  through the exact same issue when it came to my own stag. It started to become a nightmare as we shared the exact same friends  so it also became an issue for them and for the ones that weren’t so close in the circle their  ideas weren’t being taken serious. We decided to actually avoid all of the drama so we went for a joint stag. It made everything so much easier and cheaper for everybody that was coming. It was so much fun and we just did separate nights away with our best man afterwards. It was the best of both worlds and we realised we were being so silly.


I have recently moved to Ireland from abroad after the mother of all break ups (long story I won’t get into it!) anyway what is the gay scene like in Ireland? Are there any places you would recommend?


Hey Damo.
Welcome to Ireland, ok so it all depends on what city you are in. if you have based yourself in Dublin then wow you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the gay scene. I highly recommend The George, The Front Lounge and Panti Bar.Dublins gay scene has amazing Drag Queens that perform shows weekly that are a must to see.  if Cork is your home then you must get yourself to Chambers and it’s always fun and an easy going environment.


So myself and my fiancé have a serious problem on our hands. Our families HATE each other. When we both came out as lesbians to our families it didn’t go down well with some members and bridges were burnt. They are normally okay when forced together for birthdays etc. but there is a major elephant in the room when they do. We are so worried that when the wedding celebrations kick off and drink is consumed all hell will break loose. HELP


Hey Cathy,
This sounds like a nightmare and unfortunately people clash  and butt heads, my advice would be that you both separately  speak to your  family members that you may think would create drama or tension and explain how much you and your partner means  to each other and how special you want your day to be. If you both feel after this that something may accrue then tell them that you may have to ask them to not attend. I understand that this may be incredibly difficult but you both can’t go through your day waiting or expecting something to go wrong.  Your loved ones should understand this and try and make your day be as perfect as possible.

Hey Material Boy,

I know a wedding is about the two of you but my husband to be has AWFUL taste and I want our day to be a classy occasion. How do I get my way without looking like a complete groomzilla? His ideas are completely off the wall!!


Hey Piotr,
I can relate to this as I have very different taste from my husband and vice versa, we dealt with similar issues coming up to our own wedding and it started a lot of arguments. We finally had to agree that we both have different tastes and we both needed to be in charge of different areas, for example I got to make the final decision on our photographer where P.J. got to make the decision on entertainment. It has to be 50/50 as you don’t want to start your marriage off any other way. Sometimes we need to remember what it’s all about and try and please each other. Talk  it out rationally and make an agreement.


My girlfriend is insisting that we write our own vows for our wedding. She has studied English in University and loves to write – I studied maths in college and hated writing since I can remember. She is very romantic and I know her vows will be amazing but I just cannot write anything that will in anyway compete! The thoughts of reading it aloud in front of my friends and family puts shivers down my spine! My friend suggested referencing the recent marriage referendum in mine…Any ideas on what to do?


Hey Grace,
Public speaking can be nerve racking especially when you have to get up and define your love for your partner on your wedding day. I felt the exact same on my own wedding day. I did my best to think logically and remind myself that I knew all of these people and they have heard me speak hundreds of times so why should a microphone in my hand make a difference.  When I came to my vows I read out the lyrics of one of my favourite Madonna  songs (I deserve it)  as the words  reminded me of my husband and our journey together. The words suited the day perfectly and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Both of you will always do things very differently but once you mean it from the heart then that is all that matters. Your girlfriend I’m sure will love what you chose.

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