Hag Party caught up with Konrad Im who went from being Mr Gay Cork to being Mr Gay Ireland 2016 :). Mr Gay Ireland discusses his love of Britney Spears, his likes an dislikes and most importantly the work he is doing for the gay and lesbian community in Ireland :).

84 Questions with Mr Gay Ireland 2016

  1. What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? Hit the snooze button…I dont get enough sleep haha
  2. What is your daily ritual? I don’t have any rituals, everyday is new and exciting!
  3. Do you have any pets? 2 dogs (Taylor and Tiny) and we’ve recently Been adopted by a cat we’ve called Peter haha
  4. What one golden rule in life you consistently ignore? Get 8 hours sleep
  5. What is the greatest thing you have learnt in the last 12 months? I’ve learnt a lot about the LGBT community with the work I’ve been doing. And its Great and important to know your history.
  6. What is your favourite colour? Blue
  7. What is your favourite flavour? Strawberry
  8. What is your favourite spice? Curry?!?
  9. What is your secret talent? That’d be telling 😛
  10. What movie makes you cry? I don’t cry easily
  11. What movie makes you laugh the hardest? Anna Farris in House Bunny. EPIC!
  12. What is the best fashion secret you have ever learnt? I cant pull off yellow lol
  13. If you ran the world what one law would you enact? I would make want marriage equality worldwide, decriminalization of lgbt people in places in Africa and the middle East is desperately needed. Too many lgbt people are being murdered in those countries.
  14. If you could only wear one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? A suit. Everyone looks better in a suit!
  15. What are the three things you always carry with you? Phone, wallet & back up snapback
  16. What question would you like to be asked more often? Would you like this free…………?
  17. What question do you hate to be asked? Can you sew this quickly for me?
  18. What is your favourite vacation spot? Praia Da Rocha, Portugal or Gran Canaria
  19. What country would you most like to visit? I’ve always wanted to go to New York
  20. If you could teach any subject in school what would it be? Home Ec… I’ll be an amazing wifey someday 😛
  21. What is your favourite food? Takeaway Addict! Love Curry or Pizza
  22. What is your favourite drink? Huge glass of Sprite with loads of Ice
  23. If you could have a date with someone living or dead who would it be? I am IN LOVE with Chris Mears (The British Swimmer)
  24. What is the one thing in this world that we need to get rid of? Crocs or Uggs
  25. Do you believe in free will or destiny? I think everything good or bad happens to us for a reason and we all end up where we’re meant to in the end. So I guess I believe in destiny.
  26. What is one thing you cannot live without? Hair Products
  27. What is the definition of misery? No Hair Products
  28. What is your idea of a perfect date? I don’t go on dates tbh. But I’m a hopeless Romantic. So it’d be the candlelit meal, walk on beach thing…
  29. Do you believe in love at first sight? No
  30. What is your spirit animal? I’m a Leo so I’ve always thought a Lion lol
  31. What is your favourite type of animal print? Not mad for animal prints, but cheetah print is ok.
  32. If your life were a movie what would the title be? The Boy Next Door 😛
  33. If you could have any superpower in the world what would it be? Invisibility
  34. What is the one song that always makes you dance? Work Bitch – Britney Spears
  35. What are three words that describe Ireland? Proud, Supportive and Innovative
  36. Besides Ireland, where would you love to live? I would NEVER want to leave Ireland. But if I HAD to… I’d want to be Britney Spears’ neighbour in Las Vegas 😉
  37. What is the one word / phrase you use too much? Well…(Translation – Are We Going Out?)
  38. What is the one vice you wish to give up? I want to quit smoking, but I’ve the fear of majorly over eating to compensate
  39. If you could be a pro at any sport what would it be? Swimming, just to be near Chris Mears haha
  40. If you could be a star of any movie what would it be? I want to be in Crossroads with Britney!
  41. Who would you like to write your biography? I dont know many writers. But I had an amazing interviewer this week, Jenny Regan, and we got along brilliant, she was very interesting so I’d like to see her twist on my life.
  42. What would your biography be called? Mr Gay Ireland – Behind The Sash 😉
  43. What phrase would define how you live your life? Don’t Worry, B’Grand!
  44. What is your biggest goal for 2016? To make a difference!
  45. Where do you go when you want to be on your own? Hide in my room
  46. What is the one thing about you that you think people would be surprised to know? I’m a fairly open book
  47. If you could choose anyone in the world to live next door to you who would it be? My Idol… Britney Spears
  48. If you could do a duet with somebody who would it be? Again… My Britney
  49. If you could give yourself advice at age 13 what would it be? Learn Piano and be more confident!
  50. If you could do something else with your life what would it be? I’m happy with how everything is going so far. So I wouldnt change anything. I feel very blessed right now.
  51. What is your favourite season? Christmas!!!
  52. What is your favourite outdoor activity? I have done it much but I love Kayaking (Though I’ve a fear of deep water) haha
  53. What is your favourite TV show that is currently on? American Horror Story
  54. Iphone or Android? Android
  55. What do you love on your pizza? Pepperoni and Jalapenos
  56. Favourite drink? Bulmers
  57. Favourite dessert? A good Vanilla Icecream
  58. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Dairy Milk only!
  59. Weirdest thing you have ever eaten? Calamari
  60. What is your favourite band? Westlife
  61. Who is your favourite musician? Britney Spears
  62. If you could master one instrument what would it be? Piano
  63. If you had a tattoo, where would it be? Hips
  64. Dogs or cats? Both!
  65. Dolphins or Kuala’s? Dolphins
  66. Best gift you ever received? A handmade card, Buffy musical dvd and a cute little inspiration book about a stone… his name is Ishi. Its very cute!
  67. Last gift you ever gave a friend? Sarah Michelle Gellers Framed Autograph
  68. Who in this world would you most like to have coffee with? Tea with Oprah
  69. How do you like your coffee? Hate coffee
  70. What’s your favourite board game? Monopoly
  71. What is the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning? I’m Late!!
  72. What is the last hobby you picked up? Embroidery
  73. What is your favourite TV programme of all time? Buffy! Just re-watched all 7 seasons and 5 seasons of Angel
  74. What programme would you like to cameo in? Buffy
  75. Favourite app? New obsession with Instagram
  76. Favourite website? mrgaycork.org 😉
  77. If you could switch lives with a person for one day who would it be? Mark Zuckerburg!
  78. What is the biggest surprise you ever had? Being crowned Mr Gay Ireland. I had NO Idea!
  79. What’s the best first date you have ever gone on? I actually haven’t been on a PROPER first date. So I cant really say
  80. What is the best surprise you planned for someone? Was probably the Buffy autograph. Took me weeks to organize it and he’d no idea I was getting it.
  81. Favourite superhero? Superman <3
  82. Who is the last person you texted? My friend Megan
  83. What was your first pet? Dog named Candy
  84. What are you most excited about right now? The year ahead and all the fundraising possibilities

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A message from Mr Gay Ireland 2016…
I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity, I’m very thankful for the support everyone has shown me in the last few months. My Family, Friends and the LGBT scene has been so amazing. The charities I’ve chosen and sponsors have been  more supportive than I could have ever imagined. They seem truly excited that the Mr Gay Ireland title is in Cork. And it makes me even prouder to be a Corkonian. I can’t wait to show the good this title can do

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