When it comes to your big day, there are so many things to decide on – the venue, the photographer, the flowers, the music. All important decisions to ensure you have the perfect day that you want. But what good are the material things if you don’t have important people around you on the most special day of you and your partners’ lives.

Bridal PartyYour parents will play a big role in the wedding planning and the day itself. They will help you when you are losing the run of yourself and you need to be brought back into line by giving you what might feel like a telling off. Aside from your parents, your bridal party will be your go-to people throughout the planning process. They will be the ones you will bounce the ideas off and put the kettle on when you have 100 invites to make together. Aside from agreeing to marry the love of your life, picking your bridal party will be the next most important decision you make. Bear this in mind when you are creating your wedding checklist.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing who you want to stand by you on your wedding day. It’s about you and whoever you want you can have!

Bridal Party

Here are some top tips on how to pick your wedding party.

  1. When? Don’t rush into picking your bridal party the minute you get engaged. Discuss it with your partner and be 100% sure before you ask them. You can’t un-ask someone.
  2. Who – Family? Do you have siblings or cousins that you are very close to? Just because you may ask one doesn’t mean you have to ask them all. Who knows you best?
  3. Who – Friends? You might prefer to have friends over family. Choose wisely, who can you count on? Make sure that it won’t cause things to be awkward with other friends.
  4. Men v Women. No one wrote a rule that a bride has to have girls and a groom has to have guys! As weddings become less traditional and more unique, mix genders in your wedding party. You don’t have to have all man/woman couples for photos or walking down the aisle. Be different!
  5. Who or how many? Deciding on how many you want in your bridal party can be tricky whether you pick a number and fill in the spaces or pick the people you want and decide where to cut off. Be realistic with your numbers for your budget. You will be dressing them!
  6. Family trumps friends? No. It’s great to have a sister or cousin as your Maid of Honour but if you think your school friend is closer and you would rather have her as your Maid of Honour, do! Just make sure you explain to the rest of the wedding party so that everyone knows how you feel.
  7. Looks. Don’t pick your bridal party based on looks. They might look great in photos but there is no point having your cousin who you haven’t spoken to in 10 years and who might be of no help to you in your wedding planning.
  8. Trust. You must pick someone you trust. You want to be able to delegate to them and know that they will do their best to help you along the way. You want their honest opinion in making wedding decisions and their emotional support on the big day.
  9. The Hen or Stag. Your wedding party will be throwing you your hen or stag party so if they know you well they will do a great job!
  10. The big question. Once you have made the decision, have some fun in how you ask them. Take them out, make an invite or propose with a candy ring. Make a moment of it because it will be as special for them as it is or you.

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