Dresses for wedding guestsSo the wedding invite drops in your letter box. Now in most occasions you know it is coming.

Even so there is something about that beautifully presented request of your presence for your loved ones special day that causes us females to break out in hives at the sheer thought of planning an outfit.

Photo : Chrysalis pale pink dress available at www.OrlasOasis.com 

Dresses for wedding guestsWell I am here to help! Here’s my top tips for dressing for a wedding!

Firstly, Never wear white. It will look you’re trying to upstage the bride. Unless of course you are there under duress and you two have a long running beef then by all means wear white. It will go down like a lead balloon with the bride, job done!

Photo : Mango Everafter Dress available at www.OrlasOasis.com. Credit : David Babbington

Dresses for wedding guestsConsider location and climate before you buy and outfit. Always bring a wrap to any wedding in Ireland, you just can’t take the chance of it not bucketing down in good old she would be a lovely little country if we could roof her Ireland!

Sunny beach wedding? It’s perfectly fine to wear your shades during the ceremony.

Photo : Verso available at www.versofashions.com

Dresses for wedding guestsMake sure you get a dress that you’re not going to be uncomfortable or sweating in, it will ruin your day and sweaty Betty is not the look your trying to achieve.

Go with a wrinkle-proof material if you’re traveling more than an hour to a wedding destination or make sure you give yourself enough time to check-in and dress on arrival.

Photo : Miss Daisy Blue available at https://www.etsy.com/ie/shop/missdaisyblue

Dresses for wedding guestsAlways bring a pair of flats for when you want to hit the dance floor you want to kick back and relax and throw caution to the wind and ditch the heels.

It’s not required that you and your date colour coordinate (it’s not the debs after all), but you can avoid clashing by choosing outfits within the same colour spectrum It will make for great photos!

Photo : Phoenix V available at http://www.phoenixv.ie/

Dresses for wedding guestsBut most of all the most important plan is enjoy the day!

Cork is a fantastic spot to get wedding attire!

My favourite spots to shop wedding wise are Orla’s Oasis (of course!), Blush Boutique, Verso Boutique, PHOENIX_V and Miss Daisy Blue Vintage Boutique!

Photo : Blush Boutique http://www.blushboutique.ie/

Dresses for wedding guests

I have included some of my star buys from these boutiques but there is so much more available literally an Aladdin’s Cave full of wedding gems to be discovered!

Looking for something other than a dress? Check out this fab jumpsuit from Vanilla Boutique Fermoy :)


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