Brides and grooms appear to be turning their back on traditional wedding cakes and are looking for fun alternatives for their wedding guests. Cake pops are increasingly popular feature in weddings up and down the country. Here we discuss what they are, how to make them and how they can help you personalize your wedding day.

What are Cake Pops?

Wedding Cakes

Cake pops are essentially rolled up cake coated in frosting / any topping you like :).

Stick a lollipop stick into each ball and voila – a cake pop has been created :).

Wedding cakes can be a bit informal – cake pops are fun and interactive!

How can I make my cake pops unique?

Wedding CakesChoose icing that matches your wedding colour. Think of additional toppings you could use – say sprinkles or nuts to make them stand out even more!

Tie ribbon around each lollipop stick and finish with a bow. Decobake has some great decorations you could use to make your cake pops stand out even more :).

Who will eat them?

Wedding CakesEveryone – trust us! Cake pops are a great addition to any wedding because not only are they delicious they also double up as a wedding decoration :)!

Another benefit is, since you are making them yourself (or you get a group of you around and make a night of it!) you will be able to personally cater for any dietary requirements of your guests :).

I was at a wedding where the “white” cake pops were specifically marked as gluten free which was a nice touch and lets your guests know you are thinking of them!

How will I serve them? 

Wedding CakesI have seen cake pops in lieu of wedding favours – depending on the size of your wedding tables you could put some in jam jars and place them in front of every 2 / 3 seat or perhaps wrap each cake pop in ribbon and place on every persons place setting!

You could have them served at the reception drinks as a handy bite sized snack, as a wedding favour  or as part of your evening food for your guests!

As mentioned, cake pops could easily replace the traditional wedding cakes you see up and down the country – it’s your wedding remember, you make the rules <3 xx

How To Make Cake Pops :

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