It is very much in style these days for a hen to give their party a goodie bag as a thank you for attending their last night (or weekend!) of freedom! This article is concentrating on Hen party gifts (we will have a separate post for the boys in a few weeks!).

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On average, a hen party will consist of around 12 ladies which means 12 goodie bags! A lot of work if you are going the DIY route and also a lot of money if you are going to buy everything yourself :). Our advice is to grab the girls, some wine and get cracking on a few of our DIY Hen Party Gift ideas below! Personalised touches make any event even more special so lets get creative :)

Sparkly Wine Glass / Shot Glass

Hen Party giftsWhat you need :
– Wine Glasses / Shot Glasses
– PVA glue
– Glitter (and lots of it!)
– Newspaper (for a easy clean up!)

Instructions :
1. Place the newspaper on the table.
2. Take your glass and cover it completely with PVA glue.
3. Sprinkle glitter all over the glass and allow to dry
4. Once completely dry repeat the process and viola your glitter glasses are complete :)

Heart Paperclips

Hen Party giftsWhat you need :
– Jumbo paperclips (the bigger the better!)
– Spray paint (if you want them to fit in with a particular theme / colour scheme!)

1. Follow the instructions in the image below.
2. Use the heart paperclips to close minature bags of sweets for your hens :)

Hen Party Gifts

Personalised Friendship bracelets

What you need :Hen Party gifts
– A few different colours of wool
– Printer
– Card
– Hole punch

Instructions :
1. Make as many braids as you need
2. For a personalised touch, print out some messages you want to give to your hens and stick onto some card e.g. “Thanks for coming to my party XXX”, “Happy Hen”, “Kate’s Hen Party 2016” whatever takes your fancy.
3.  Punch a hole in the card and feed the braid through the holes – instant personalised hen party accessorie!

Cupcake in a mini jar

What you need : Hen Party gifts– Mini jars
– Cupcake mix
– Ready to roll icing / easy swirl icing
– Plastic / Wooden Spoons
– Ribbon

1. Bake the cupcakes as per instructions provided in the pack
2. Once cooked, cut each cup cake in half horizontally.
3. Place the bottom of the cupcake in each minature jar and top with a layer of icing
4. Put the top of the cupcake on top of this and flatt the entire mixture down.
5. Finish with a final layer of icing
6. Tie a plastic / wooden spoon using ribbon for each eating :)

Sequin Drink Stirrers

What you need :Hen Party gifts
– Bamboo sticks
– Felt
– 2″ sequinned star appliques
– Glue gun

1. Lay the sequinned star over the felt and cut the felt to match the same shape as the star
2. Place the sequin side of the star facing down and position the bamboo stick in the middle of the applique. Using the glue gun, place the bamboo into position. Allow to cool.
3. Cover with the star shaped felt and repeat!

Hen Survival box

Hen Party giftsWhat you need :
– One match stick box
– Old wrapping paper
– Ribbon
– Contents : Plasters, painkillers, mint sweets!

Instructions :
1) Wrap each matchstick box in the wrapping paper and tie with ribbon
2) Fill the contents with hen essentials :)

Credits : How about orange, My Cakeies, Confetti Pop, Carolyn’s Homework



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