Like wall paper, footballers salaries and house prices, stag party ideas have come along way since the 1970s. My Dads stag consisted of three hours in the local rugby club, having his lager continually spiked with gin until he was carried home by his best man. Binge drinking may still be a stag staple but these days there’s more chance of your other half not turning up on the day than there is of a stag lasting less than twenty four hours.

Stag Party Ideas

Last year I attended eight stags and while I would struggle to pass a liver function test now, I do feel sufficiently qualified to talk about the huge variety of activities that are on offer to stags these days. There are a lot of variables that must be considered when it comes to choosing a stagtivity. These include the location, the budget of everyone attending and the size of the group. Check out these top tips on planning your stag party. For the best man with limited organisational time there are several companies that will take on the burden for you always remember are here to help in any way they can with stag party ideas :)

stag party ideas

They offer activities from ten pin bowling to 4×4 off road driving and ensure that everything is organised without you doing the hard yards. Whether you are firing paint at each other in a forest somewhere or forcing your hungover body round an assault course, the activity performs another vital function which is to keep everyone off the booze if only for an hour. Of course that might just be my thirty four year old body screaming out for a break and I’m sure that there are plenty of stag parties that can happily see four days straight through and still have enough energy for a couple of pints at the local when they get home.

stag party ideas

Here are two of the best activities I went on during my year of the stags:


I can say that blobbing is hands down the most terrifying thing I have ever done and I once went to an over 25’s disco in Cardiff. Pulling up to a quarry in Valencia with grade nine hangovers we were given a very brief safety talk in Spanish. The only member of our party who could speak Spanish translated it as this:

“We should either tuck our knees in or keep them straight if we don’t want to break our legs. I’m not sure which.”

The idea behind blobbing is simple. There is a large plastic inflatable in the water on which one of your party will jump on to and then make their way towards the bottom. Meanwhile two other stags will scale a small bit of scaffolding and then jump on to the opposite end of the blob. This will create a powerful see saw effect that will launch you into the stratosphere. Here’s a video:

Mercifully we all left the quarry with our limbs intact but were mentally scarred for weeks. I realise I’m not making Blobbing sound that fun here so I must say that it was absolutely brilliant, however I refuse to recommend it just in case someone reading this fractures every bone in their body and then tries to sue me.


For a summer stag or hen in the UK then you wouldn’t want to look to much further than something like this. Run in various locations across the UK this is an exact replica of the popular assault course based BBC tv show. Except instead of members of the royal family and Daley Thompson stumbling about in inflatables, it’ll be you and your equally hungover mates. Whether you’re sliding over a load of fairy liquid whilst dressed as a sumo or desperately trying not to be sick as you give your well built friend a piggy back over the finish line, you’ll definitely have an experience to remember.

As a best man or maid of honour you will know your friend better than anyone and it may well be that you prefer to make the stag or hen a bit more personal. Whether you decide to go with a company or not it’s a good place to start and will throw a few good ideas your way.

Good Luck!

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