Are you going to be making a best man speech soon? We have asked the Wedding Speech Guy for his top tips :)

Most Common Wedding Speech Mistakes!

You’ve been asked to be the best man for someone who is very close to you and you are understandably delighted, if not a little terrified! The best man wedding speech is looming!

Having attended more weddings than I thought was humanly possible in the last three years, I’ve seen all manner of wedding speeches from the good, the bad and the downright embarrassing. Allow me to guide you through the top five things not to do when you get your hands on the mic:


One of the worst things to do when you are giving a best man speech and have very little experience of speaking in public is to try too hard to be funny. It’s an easy mistake to make as people do look forward to having a bit of a laugh at a wedding and this, coupled with a few Proseccos on an empty stomach, can force even the most reserved speaker into attempting gags that would have made Joan Rivers blush. You might well be the funniest person to have ever graced a stage and if that’s the case then please ignore everything I’ve said. For most best men simply getting through the best man speech will be challenging enough without having to worry about how the next joke is going to go down. Guests would much rather an amusing yet warm speech about how much you love your friend than ten minutes of lukewarm material syphoned from google. Don’t be that person tapping the microphone shouting “Is this thing on?” while everyone else stares at the floor intently.

Best man speech


Things that I do better when drunk include playing pool and enjoying kebabs. Remembering words and speaking in front of large groups of people would definitely never be added to that list. I wake up on the morning of most weddings rubbing my hands together with glee at the thought of what an alcohol fueled day of fun I have ahead of me. However if I am speaking then I know that until I’ve sat down to (hopefully) applause and laughter, I’m on a two beer maximum and if you are giving a best man speech you should be to. Weddings are long days and there will be plenty of time for you to sink jaeger bombs whilst screaming along to ‘500 Miles’. Get the job done and then it’s party time.


Even people who make wedding speeches for a living will run them past a team of advisors. Asking someone you trust to have a read through of your speech and let you know what they think is imperative. As a friend it is likely that they will absolutely love it and you will have nothing to worry about but it’s always safer to check. That story about your friend that finishes with the punchline “That was the last time we tried acid” might have cracked everyone up in the pub but probably won’t have the same effect on his partners Grandmother.


Speaking straight after someone else is always fraught with problems. If they are the funniest person ever then how will you compete? If they are really, really bad then the mood in the room is going to completely change. Unfortunately this is something that is entirely out of your control so there’s really no point worrying about it. Everyone wants to hear about YOUR relationship with the happy couple so comparing the speeches wouldn’t really work anyway. Enjoy listening to everyone else and concentrate on keeping calm and getting ready to stand up without shaking!

best man speech


Unless you are very popular you probably won’t get to do this that often, which means you should enjoy every second of it. Tell all these people how much you love your friend and give them a big hug halfway through it if you feel like it. Keep your head up and project your voice to the back of the room so that your witty words don’t go to waste. Remember to take deep breaths if you start to feel a bit overawed and take your time with the delivery. Trust me follow these simple steps and you will deliver the ultimate best man speech :).

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