So the wedding suits have been fitted, the obligatory stag party weekend has come and gone and you are weeks before the big day. It’s time for you to write the best man speech – panicking yet?! Unless you have the gift of the gab like The Wedding Speech Guy I expect you don’t know where to start so it’s always nice to get a bit of structure around what you are going to say – you can fill in the gaps nearer the time!

Best man speech

Lay off the drink!

Generally speaking if you are going to deliver a best man speech you should keep yourself at a two drink max up until it’s your time to talk. I know it is very tempting to sink a few pints before the ceremony or even a few shorts to help prevent pre-wedding jitters but our advice to you is to stay well clear. You want to deliver a clear and concise wedding speech and bring out you’re A game. Neither the groom(s) or the bride(s) will thank you if you stumble through the wedding speech in an incoherent manner!

Thank you’s

Make sure EVERYONE gets a thank you. Thank the guests for attending, thank the venue staff for their great service, thank the bridesmaids and the groomsmen for carrying out their duties so well and read out messages from abroad etc. It sets the tone and once all the formality is out the window then you can dive into anecdotes on the groom(s) or bride(s) antics from years gone by. Thank you’s are very important!


Best Man Speech

Every speech needs anecdotes about the groom(s)/bride(s) make sure they are funny and lighthearted. No one needs skeletons from their past brought up on their big day and will more than likely reflect badly on you more than them! Remember the bridal party that are in the room will consist of family members – there are some things people don’t need to know! Also remember, if you are the best man chances are the groom will play a part in your wedding – don’t say anything that you wouldn’t like to be said about yourself and most importantly do not say anything that will upset their other half! You are playing with fire if you do!!

Humour / Lightheartedness

As mentioned above, keep the tone of your speech lighthearted. You may not be Ireland’s next top comedian but keeping the tone fun will help your speech along and keep everyone engaged! If you want to tell a few jokes or perhaps tell stories that may be a little risky run them past other groomsmen first! Let them be the judge and if they guide you wrongly sure you will all be in the same boat together! Remember there are people there from all walks of the grooms life – childhood, college, professional, family etc. – if you think what you are going to say will offend / raise eyebrows leave it out!

Best man speech

Compliment Your Friends Other Half

A vital part of any best man speech is to compliment the grooms other half!

If you do not know your besties other half yet then sort it out!!! Generic compliments generally fall flat especially if you don’t know each other that well so make it your business to do so! Invite them out for drinks or offer to cook dinner in a bid to get to know them better! Compliments from the best man to the bride(s) / groom(s) should be heartfelt and relevant – if all else fails talk about how great they look, how happy they have made your best friend and wish them a world of happiness.

Talk about your friendship

At a wedding there are a lot of people you don’t know. It is nice for the best man to provide some insight into how they got to know the groom and why he has been chosen to be the best man. Were you guys each others right hand man? How did you meet? Best memory? Discuss what he means to you in a line or two and leave it at that.


No wedding speech should go on more than 4 – 5 minutes! Time yourself a few times before the big day – practice makes perfect!

Finally, raise your glasses!

Phew! You have made it! Ask the wedding guests to raise their glasses to the bride(s) and groom(s)! Sit back and enjoy the festivities – you deserve it!

Best man speech

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