Alternative weddings : Woodland wonderland theme

If you are planning a winter wedding but want to avoid the baubles and tinsel? Looking for an alternative wedding theme? How does a woodland wonderland wedding sound?

A Woodland wonderland is a rustic elegant wedding theme; it is a whimsical way to fuse the masculine and the feminine styles of your wedding. This alternative wedding style is sure to wow your guests!!

Mother Nature is a great and cost effective source of inspiration for this style and it can cosily sit indoors with a roaring fireplace as your focal point or outdoors in a forest​ setting,​ with ​banquet tables laden with the fruits of the forest and eucalyptus garlands​

I particularly love the idea of bringing elements of woodland animals – imagine a cool headpiece made (ethically) from antler horns and wild foliage. My rustic bark centrepieces would be an ideal addition for a dessert table or as plate chargers. When the cool of the night sets in, treat your guests to handwoven favour blankets that are piled high in wicker baskets. Align your forest walk with mini chalkboards of whimsical quotes to lead them to the canopy of fairy lights & stars where they dance until dawn.

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​Create the look with a few of my favourite things…

Alternative Wedding

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Alternative Wedding

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