1. What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? Make a cup of tea
  2. What is your daily ritual? Drink a NUTRIBULLET
  3. Do you have any pets? TWO DOGS Charlie and Bobby and five gold fish and I feed several stray cats every evening that come to my door
  4. What one golden rule in life you consistently ignore? Ignorant people
  5. What is the greatest thing you have learnt in the last 12 months? You have no control of what tomorrow brings
  6. What is your favourite colour? Baby blue
  7. What is your favourite flavour? Vanilla
  8. What is your favourite spice? CurryMaterial Boy
  9. What movie makes you cry? Beaches
  10. What is the best fashion secret you have ever learnt? Don’t follow trends
  11. If you ran the world what one law would you enact? Instant prison sentence for animal abuse
  12. If you could only wear one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? A Madonna printed t-shirt
  13. What are the three things you always carry with you? Pocket size Vaseline, iPhone and a designer bag
  14. What question would you like to be asked more often? Are you Material Boy?
  15. What is your favourite vacation spot? New York
  16. What country would you most like to visit? Currently GREECE
  17. If you could teach any subject in school what would it be? ArtMaterial Boy
  18. What is your favourite food? Chips and curry
  19. What is your favourite drink? Water
  20. If you could have a date with someone living or dead who would it be? Madonna
  21. What is the one thing in this world that we need to get rid of? Homophobia
  22. Do you believe in free will or destiny? Destiny
  23. What is one thing you cannot live without? Madonna
  24. What is the definition of misery? Not being listened toMaterial Boy
  25. What is your idea of a perfect date? Sunday on the couch with my husband PJ and our dogs
  26. Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes
  27. What is your spirit animal? Dog
  28. What is your favourite type of animal print? Dog
  29. If your life were a movie what would the title be? Look At Me
  30. If you could have any superpower in the world what would it be? To follow Madonna whenever I wanted to
  31. What is the one song that always makes you dance? Madonna Vogue
  32. Besides Ireland, where would you love to live? New York or LA12741939_991700367581368_3010985537776242202_n
  33. What is the one word / phrase you use too much? Bitches
  34. What is the one vice you wish to give up? Impatience
  35. If you could be a pro at any sport what would it be? Boxing
  36. If you could be a star of any movie what would it be? Pretty Woman
  37. Who would you like to write your biography? Myself
  38. What would your biography be called? I DID IT
  39. What phrase would define how you live your life? OUTRAGEOUS
  40. What is your biggest goal for 2016? World domination12670163_978852205532851_4165695197544310337_n
  41. Where do you go when you want to be on your own? The bath tub
  42. What is the one thing about you that you think people would be surprised to know? My loyalty
  43. If you could choose anyone in the world to live next door to you who would it be? Madonna of course
  44. If you could give yourself advice at age 13 what would it be? Trust yourself
  45. If you could do something else with your life what would it be? I am right where I’m  supposed to be
  46. What is your favourite season? Spring
  47. What is your favourite outdoor activity? Walking
  48. What is your favourite TV show that is currently on? American horror story
  49. IPhone or Android? IPhone
  50. What do you love on your pizza? Anchovies and capers
  51. Favourite drink? Coke
  52. Favourite dessert? Ice cream
  53. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Milk
  54. Weirdest thing you have ever eaten? Spam
  55. What is your favourite band? Don’t have one
  56. Who is your favourite musician? Madonna
  57. If you could master one instrument what would it be? Piano
  58. If you had a tattoo, where would it be? I already have over 20 of them and 12 are of Madonna
  59. Dogs or cats? Dogs12717528_983561471728591_1731940560206541899_n
  60. Dolphins or Kuala’s? Dolphins
  61. Best gift you ever received? A ticket to see MADONNA in New York
  62. Last gift you ever gave a friend? A spa voucher
  63. How do you like your coffee? Stong
  64. What’s your favourite board game? Snakes and ladders
  65. What is the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning? I want to sleep longer
  66. What is the last hobby you picked up? Personal training
  67. What programme would you like to cameo in? Sex and the city
  68. Favourite app? Snapchat
  69. Favourite website? Youtube

  70. What’s the best first date you have ever gone on? The one I fell in love with my husband
  71. Favourite superhero? Shera
  72. Who is the last person you texted? My bestie Paula
  73. What was your first pet? Dog
  74. What are you most excited about right now? Not knowing the future


Material Boy (aka David Babington) is a serious fashion addict. A Madonna fanatic, blogger, hairstylist, stylist, columnist at WOh magazine, and that’s just a taster! Life is for living  and that’s exactly what he’s doing!

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