Politico 28 put out a list of the most Influential Europeans of 2015, and Irish drag queen activist Panti Bliss made the cut.

Each person on the list is considered to be “shaping, shaking and stirring Europe,” and Panti, also known as Rory O’Neill out of drag, scored the number 12 spot for her activism against social conservatism in Ireland.

This past year, homophobia in Ireland was thrust into the media spotlight, and Panti’s speeches and talk show appearances were a big part of making that happen.

And then in May, she helped pass Ireland’s gay marriage referendum, ultimately landing her on the list of influencers.

In response to the news, Panti tweeted, “There I am, ’shaking’ Europe #12. (Though my corset is doing the ’shaping’).”

Panti’s goals for the new year extend past Ireland, as she plans to continue to fight for LGBT rights around Europe.

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