10 Gay Friendly Travel Ideas 

Looking for Gay Friendly Travel Ideas this winter? We found this great piece online :)
It’s now you can put typical summer gay holiday ideas to the side (at least for a while) and begin exploring beautiful and alternative destinations with your partner, that will make you fall in love with each other all over again!

The leading gay travel platform, Destsetters, has selected 10 winter holiday destinations that will make you start packing right away!

Switzerland and Austria for hugs, ski and gay friendly attitude

Switzerland and Austria are among the most peaceful and beautiful countries in Europe. They are known for their overall gay friendly mentality and, of course, for the numerous winter holiday options they offer.

Gay Friendly Travel Ideas

Featuring some of the most traditional skiing destinations, Switzerland and Austria have been the top choices for gay skiers for many years now. For travelers looking for a more gay-oriented ski experience, both countries have something unique to offer:

The famous Arosa Ski Week, a premium gay skiing event in Switzerland, gathers hundreds of passionate gay skiers in the heart of Europe. The past few years, the event has grown a lot, and it is now considered the most popular gay winter sport event of Europe. If you do not ski, you can just go there for the parties, the fun and the socializing!

Gay Friendly Travel Ideas

When in Switzerland, make sure to visit Zurich, which boasts the most fascinating gay life of the country. In addition to the rich culture of the city, the gay traveler in Zurich can find everything – from gay bars to cruising areas.

On the other hand, the capital of Austria, Vienna, comes to define the concept of luxury gay winter holidays, featuring a vivid gay scene and one of the most active gay communities in Europe. Don’t miss combining your visit with one of the plenty gay events that take place in the Austrian capital, such as the RegenbogenBall in January and, of course, Vienna Gay Pride in June!

Gay Friendly Travel Ideas
But let’s get back to gay couples and discover some romantic, beautiful and picturesquedestinations in Switzerland, like Scuol, Adelboden and Engelberg, where you and your loved one will have the opportunity to enjoy the endless beauty of the Swiss nature. And of course, gastronomy and wellness activities should be in the center of your interest, as these regions have a lot to offer in these aspects as well.

Sweden and Iceland for gay travelers who love freedom and natural beauty and fine design

The beautiful Scandinavian countries of Sweden and Iceland are characterized by beautiful landscapes, picturesque cities and a fresh, friendly and welcoming mentality. Both countries are among the most popular destinations for gay travelers in Europe, who love exploring the art, culture and nature of the destinations they visit.

Gay Friendly Travel Ideas

The capital of Sweden, Stockholm, is a beautiful city, full of things to do and things to see. It is one of the most liberal countries in Europe regarding LGBTI acceptance, therefore get ready to feel really welcome and comfortable! The cold winter weather, the cozy and stylish hotels and the overall romantic atmosphere of Stockholm will make you fall in love with the city (or with a handsome Swedish man, if you’re lucky )!

Reykjavik, the beautiful capital city of Iceland, is a fascinating place to visit during the winter. Don’t let the short daytime (approximately four and a half hours) scare you – the city is so organized and fun that you won’t even notice it!

Gay Friendly Travel Ideas

But a country is not just its capital. The majestic phenomenon of Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) can be admired from several areas of Iceland, especially during the winter. All you need to do is to find a nice and warm hotel like ION Luxury Adventure in Nesjavellir, sit back and watch nature making art! On the other hand, smaller cities of Sweden, like Gothenburg, feature a remarkably alive gay scene with bars, clubs and restaurants, where you can have fun, drink, dance and of course flirt with cute Swedish guys.

Alternative city breaks in Netherlands, Czech Republic and UK

The country of the Netherlands has much more to offer than just the beautiful city of Amsterdam. A small, walkable and cozy city, Rotterdam is a fascinating destination to visit during winter, despite its mainly industrial character. Gay bars, clubs, saunas and restaurants will fill up your evenings, while stylish hotels will provide the best accommodation.

Gay Friendly Travel Ideas

The romantic city of Prague is one of the best cities to visit with your partner. The beautiful architecture, the picturesque sites, the great hotels and the vibrant gay nightlife will give you everything you need during your winter holidays. If you are planning your visit during the Christmas period, then get ready to be enchanted by this lovely city in the heart of Europe.

Gay Friendly Travel Ideas

A completely different setting is Edinburgh, where you will travel back to the medieval times and feel like a real prince – or knight, whatever works best for you! Parks, castles, narrow streets and old churches blend together with fabulous hotels and fascinating bars, pubs and restaurants. Welcome to your winter fairytale!

Gay Friendly Travel Ideas

Greece, Portugal and Italy for a taste of Mediterranean winter

Surprise, surprise! Mediterranean countries, such as Greece, Portugal and Italy, are not just about the sun and the sea. Beautiful cities like Athens, Thessaloniki, Rome, Milan and Lisbon are perfect destinations for winter gay city breaks, offering a wide variety of cultural, entertainment and fun choices. The museums and archaeological sites of Athens and Rome, the romantic ambiance of Thessaloniki, the fashionable character of Milan and the traditional essence of Lisbon give a distinctive touch to your winter trips in the South – especially if you choose to visit them with your loved one!

Gay Friendly Travel Ideas
The same countries offer various winter resorts, where you can practice your ski skills or just have fun in the snow. Val Gardena and Trentino in Italy, as well as the mountainous regions of Peloponnese and mainland Greece, will make you look at the two countries from a whole new perspective.

Bulgaria, Slovakia and Serbia for the rule breakers

Countries like Bulgaria, Slovakia and Serbia, might not be the most gay-friendly ones in Europe, however, they are getting more and more popular to gay travelers looking to explore more alternative places. But discretion is advised, and do plenty of research before you travel.

Gay Friendly Travel Ideas
If you are planning your winter holidays in Bulgaria, then you should definitely considerBansko, which is a rather popular ski resort, featuring several high end hotels at very reasonable prices. On the other hand, the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, is a beautiful city with a romantic ambiance, ideal for gay couples. Belgrade in Serbia is a gorgeous city, which should be included in your winter plans for visiting the Balkans. History, culture and nightlife are ideally combined in an unexpected destination.

Gay Friendly Travel Ideas

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